During the go-to-market stage, the GRIDS platform will benefit from further rounds of stakeholder testing and subsequent technical development after the official completion of the GRIDS project: Stability, Scalability, Coverage, Enhancement
Additionally, a commercialization will require gov’t / member state buy-in and the establishment of a legal/regulatory framework
The key next step for the GRIDS consortium members is participate in the working group to leverage the commercialization framework and future technical track.
Pricing details will be decided as part of an Exploitation Coordination Committee as outlined in the draft Exploitation Agreement.
Initial thoughts have been conducted on a possible commercial framework for GRIDS moving forward, though this is a complex topic, and a detailed cost and pricing structure is out of scope of the initial GRIDS project goals and will need to be defined by the subsequently established Exploitation Coordination Committee.
Specific recommendations to promote GRIDS sustainability include identified actions by EU Commission & AML Regulators, Member State governments
Considering some of the current shortcomings of the eIDAS platforms, the recent announcement of the EC regarding the evolution of eIDAS is particularly exciting news for the future of the GRIDS project: The Digital Identity Wallet will give a strong boost to the interoperability of EU eID schemes, key aspect of the GRIDS system.