GRIDS identifies the importance of bundled services for worldwide commerce, business and financial sectors that require KYC – Know Your Customer guidelines and identifies the service receiver through the trans-European eIDAS eID system.
As a result, part of the project focuses on existing services, whose addressable market is really large and will have a significant growth, especially due to the Covid pandemic period.
Deliverable “D4.2 – Guidelines for end users to instantly connect with eIDAS enabled KYC as a service” is related to Activity 4 of the GRIDS project (increasinG tRust with eId for Developing buSiness).
The goal of this deliverable is to provide information which would enable a Data Consumer product team, coupled with a project management team and a competent development team to integrate into the GRIDS platform, to enhance the offerings they currently provide for their business customers.
Such a consumer might be a bank, seeking to establish the identity and bona fides of a natural person claiming to represent a legal entity – in such cases, there are three aspects to the KYC process:
• Establish and validate the identity of the natural person
• Establish and validate the identity of the legal body
• Establish and validate the relationship of the natural person with the legal body
The goal of GRIDS is to enable all three aspects of this process to be covered as an adjunct to existing eIDAS processes and features – the natural person can be validated through the existing eIDAS functionality, whilst the latter two aspects can be covered through the services provided by DP’s and the GRIDS platform.