GRIDS identifies the importance of bundled services for worldwide commerce, business and financial
sectors that require you to “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and therefore identify the latter through an
international accepted eIDAS eID system. For this reason, part of the project focuses on the three
following existing services whose addressable market is really large and will have a significant growth,
especially due to the Covid pandemic period.
GRIDS is composed of a number of actors, one of which are the Data Providers. In order to integrate
into the GRIDS infrastructure, it is the responsibility of the DPs to provide certain interfaces, utilise
certain interfaces, provide appropriate logic to interoperate with the other relevant actors, and
provide new services or provide access to existing services in order to fulfil the needs of the other
actors, in particular the Data Consumers.
This document outlines the work required for a DP in general, and for 360kompany AG acting as a DP