The deliverable is a report covering the implementation of the Business Attribute Aggregator (BAA) module so that it satisfies the high-level design as carried out in Task 2.2. This report provides a recap of the high-level design before fully specifying the BAAs low-level design and interwork of each module is fully specified for the microservices developed and deployed for the GRIDS Project.
The BAA implementation follows the OIDC IDA 1.0 specification [7], and as a next release for the specification is still being actively worked on by the OIDC IDA WG, members of GRIDS have attended the WG teleconferences and contributed to new updates to the specification based on our needs and experiences.
The CI/CD process executed for the project is also elaborated on which facilitated partner code to be uploaded to the Atos GitLab and generate docker containers and upload on Nexus automatically.
The result is a report that accurately reflects the developed BAA software modules and the design process.