The GRIDS project invited the eKYC & Indentity Assurance Working Group to the second Industry Monitoring Group meeting. This eKYC & IDA WG is developing extensions to OpenID Connect and standardise the communication of assured identity information. Also, verify claims and information about how the verification was done and how the respective claims are maintained. As results of this meeting a future potential cooperation with Open ID Connect is foresee in the following aspects:
  • Enhance with a version of the FAPI security profile to protect end-user PII
  • Extend GRIDS operability beyond the EU borders by leveraging the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN)
  • GRIDS deployment will need interface conformance and certification capability
  • - Provide an OIDC IDA certification programme and test tool for data Consumers and Data Providers that want to connect to GRIDS
    - Consider the OIDF Conformance and Self-Certification tool
  • Collaborate further with OIDF, on their draft specification “OpenID for Authority”
  • - Provides a standardised way to reflect the relationship between a natural person and a legal entity
  • Certify the whole GRIDS interwork with the Financial Grade APIs Security Profile
  • - Analyse where/how to best publish the GRIDS KYB claims or propose to extend the specification with JSON-LD